C Programming

This website contains common C programming questions. These questions are designed to teach yourself C programming. Click the description/title of the questions to view details.

If you are new to programming, read the tutorial first.

Tutorial Programs Projects

Table of Contents

Sr.No. Question
1 Print Hello World!
2 Multi line display with single printf
3 Fix the errors
4 Sum of two integers
5 Celsius to Farenheit conversion
6 Simple interest
7 Print ASCII value
8 Swapping of two numbers
9 Swapping of two numbers without third variable
10 Area and circumference of Circle
11 Area and circumference of Rectangle
12 Area of Triangle
13 Compound Interest
14 Even or Odd
15 Maximum of two numbers
16 Maximum of three numbers
17 Leap year
18 Telephone bill
19 Roots of quadratic equation
20 Grade calculator
21 Days of week
22 Vowel or consonent
23 Print first 10 natural numbers
24 Sum of first N natural numbers
25 Multiplication table of given number
26 Factorial
27 Power
28 Reverse of number
29 Sum of digits of number
30 Palindrome number
31 Decimal to binary conversion
32 Binary to decimal conversion
33 Check prime
34 Highest Common Factor (HCF) / Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)
35 Count positive, negative and zeros
36 Maximum and minimum number
37 Armstrong Number
38 Print Fibonacci series
39 Sum of series - i
40 Sum of series - ii
41 Print pattern
42 Print Floyd's triangle
43 Sin series
44 Cos series
45 Guess my number
46 Function to calculate area of rectangle
47 Function to print biggest number
48 Function to print prime numbers
49 nCr and nPr
50 Menu driven arithmetic calculator program
51 Sum and average of one dimensional array
52 Reversing the elements of 1-D array
53 Largest and smallest element of 1-D array
54 Inserting element in an 1-D array
55 Deleting element of an 1-D array
56 Linear search
57 Binary Search
58 Bubble sort
59 Selection sort
60 Insertion sort
61 Merging of arrays
62 Print pascal triangle
63 Tic tac toe game
64 Duplicate elimination
65 Input and display of matrix
66 Transpose of a matrix
67 Row and column sum of matrix
68 Diagonal sum of matrix
69 Upper triangle of matrix
70 Sum of two matrices
71 Product of two matrices
72 Length of string
73 Backward printing of string
74 Count number of words in a string
75 Concatenate strings
76 Check anagrams strings
77 Check palindrome string
78 Reversing a string
79 Find substring
80 Convert string to uppercase
81 Adding large integers
82 Delete all vowels from a sentence
83 Delete a word from a sentence
84 Count two vowels in succession
85 Sort a set of strings
86 Character frequency
87 Addition and multiplication of two complex numbers
88 Adding Two Distances in feet and inches
89 Distances between Two Points on line
90 Sorting array of structure
91 Student database
92 Banking system using structure
93 Reading numbers from text file
94 Read and display contents of a file
95 Count characters, words and lines of a file
96 Print each word in seperate line of a text file
97 Copy one file to another
98 Create, read, update and delete record of a binary file
99 Factorial using recursion
100 Sum of digit using recursion
101 Calculate power using recursion
102 Greatest number divisor - GCD
103 Fibonacci sequence using recursion
104 Decimal to binary using recursion
105 Sum of natural numbers using recursion
106 Find Largest element in an array using recursion
107 Sparse Matrix Representation
108 Basic Operation on Linked List
109 Basic Operation on Doubly Linked List
110 Program to implement stack as an array
111 Program to implement circular queue as an array
112 Program to implement stack as a linked list
113 Program to implement queue as a linked list
114 Binary Search Tree Operation using Recursion